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Top Office Trends to Look Out For in 2018
Over the past year our perception of offices has changed dramatically. Gone are the days of boring, impersonal cubicles: many workplaces are now choosing to focus on their office culture, employee wellbeing, and smart efficient interior design. Now more than ever, the impression your office gives is essential. To deliver exceptional experiences for both customers and employees, businesses are finding innovative new ways to revamp their office spaces and improve their employees’ wellbeing. From redesigning workstations for productivity, to developing versatile methods to make the most of ..
3 Inventive Ways to Spruce up Your Packaging
When was the last time you thought about your packaging? For many businesses, the ‘unboxing’ experience represents one of the most under-utilised marketing opportunities. Whether it’s Christmas, Halloween, Easter or someone’s birthday, being creative with your packaging is a great way to promote your business and curry favour with your customers – after all, who doesn’t love receiving a beautifully wrapped item in the post? Sprucing up your packaging doesn’t only add value for your customer but also extends the experience they have with your products and service. Simply put, packaging sh..
3 Ways to Make Your Workspace a More Productive Place To Be
It’s 3pm and your eyes are starting to droop. You’re losing focus and beginning to count down the minutes until home time. Sound familiar? We’re all guilty of letting productivity drop from time to time, but it’s not all our fault. Sometimes, changing your working environment and patterns can do wonders for your motivation. In this blog, we've highlighted some of the best ways in which you can easily create a space that’s not just great to work in, but is great for your work, too. Tip #1: Do some desk feng shui Feng shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy of arranging objects to create..
Infographic: Hot Drinks in the UK
5 Tips to Cosy up the Office for Winter
Days are drawing in, the mercury is dropping, but office life in the winter needn’t be bleak. Be the colleague that warms up the soul, turns up the cosy level and cranks up overall productivity by reading our 5 top tips. Tip #1: Brew up a delight Nothing warms the soul like a good old cuppa. But if you’re bored of the same old teabags and instant coffee, it might be time to get snazzy with your catering supplies. It will only cost a few extra pennies, but giving your team a heart-warming selection of premium beverages will boost morale way before the ice melts. These days, luxury coff..
If you thought that drinking gallons of water was the only way to keep properly hydrated, we have great news! A clinical study from the Tea Advisory Panel (TAP) has proved that a cuppa can be just as good as a glass of water at keeping your body hydrated. Sticking to the recommended four cups of tea per day gives the same quenching effects of water, without there being any negative side effects. According to Dr Catherine Hood from TAP, "It’s vital that humans keeps their fluid levels topped up to avoid dehydration - proper hydration is key to good mental and physical health." Even better..

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