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Choosing a paper shredder
Whether you want to dispose of personal documents at home or client information, data protection is one of the primary motivations for buying a shredder. Many people assume that GDPR only relates to electronic data, but this is not the case. GDPR rules also apply to paper-based data so it is important that organisations handle EU-originated personal data carefully which means selecting the best paper shredder will depend on several factors from where the shredder will be used to how much it will be used and what your security needs might be. For greater security needs, a micro cut shredder wil..
Ergonomic Seating and Accessories guide
Anyone who spends upwards of 8 hours a day sat at a desk will be familiar with aches and pains. In fact, conditions such as neck strain and lower back pain account for over 30 million lost working days annually, not to mention associated complaints such as carpal tunnel syndrome and poor posture. Whether you’re self-employed and work alone or stationed at the office for your 9-5, everyone can benefit from ergonomic seating and accessories. Products like adjustable foot rests, monitor stands and back supports not only help you maintain perfect posture, but can also increase your positivit..
How to Choose Your Sharpie Marker: The Ultimate Guide
Sharpies are probably the most popular marker pens worldwide. From doodling on canvas to labelling on outdoor surfaces, their permanent ink offers fade, abrasion and water resistant writing that you can count on.Sharpie Marker StylesSharpie offer a vast variety of marker pen styles – from fine tip to twin tip, finding the correct pen for the job you want can be difficult. Below we will define the styles and tips so you can pick the perfect pen no matter what the job.Sharpie Ultra FineWrites on: Glass, plastic, fabric and paper.Precise tip for extreme control.Great for:  labelling...
How to Survive the Summer Slump
It seems like only yesterday that we were trudging through the snow doesn’t it? Well that’s behind us now (hopefully!). The height of summer is nearly here and while we don’t have to worry about gritting the roads or making sure we’re not becoming a walking cup of tea, the warmer weather also brings its own common workplace phenomenon – the summer slump.What is the ‘summer slump’?Studies show that productivity in the workplace can drop 20% in the summer months, with up to a quarter of office workers saying they feel unproductive June – September.  The crash in productivity can be ..
Are You a Stationery Addict?
We have to admit, we love stationery. Whether it’s the smell of a new notebook, finding a pen that has the right ‘glide-ability’ or perfectly colour coding our Sharpies. There is a sense pride in equipping our desk with top notch stationery finds. So why do we feel this way about stationery... Our stationery can say a lot about us. Bic 4 Colour? You’re a multi-tasker. Pilot Erasable Pen? You’re a perfectionist. Allowing parts of our personality to show on our desk can help us feel more at home (in addition to those tasteful trinkets proudly displayed there too).  However, there might be ..
Which Brew Are You? The Rise of Flavoured Teas
Who doesn’t love a brew? Tea is by far the most popular drink consumed in Britain today, with 165 million cups made daily by 84% of us in the UK (that’s a whopping 60.2 billion a year!). You could say we take our beverage drinking pretty seriously.  However while tea has always been a drink enjoyed by all demographics, a new surge in flavoured alternatives such as herbal and green has sparked the interest in many. Why? As health and well being trends become more prominent socially, consumers become less inclined to choose their old caffeine filled favourites. As caffeine continues to ..
Spring Cleaning the Office: Getting Ready for a New Financial Year
The start of the new financial year can be tricky for any type of business (and by that we mean busy, busy, busy!)  While finding the time to organise everything can seem difficult, upping your business’ organisation game can save you energy and time as we progress throughout 2018. Storage Creating an efficient storage system is a necessity for any business. With the start of the new financial year and the looming GDPR deadline, finding storage solutions that suit your business will be the key to efficiency. Bankers Boxes Bankers Boxes are the perfect way of helping to prevent t..
Print Perfect: Things To Consider When Choosing A Printer
Choosing a printer can sometimes seem overwhelming. The various options available bring a myriad of questions: InkJet or Laser? Do I need WiFi compatibility? Will I ever use the fax? The list seems to go on (and on... and on...).  Thankfully, depending on the way you work, there are various ways to narrow down the search. In this blog, we take you through the key things to consider to find your perfect printer. Volume of printing Assessing how much printing your business actually does can be a good indicator of needs. A printer for small business or home office will mean a relatively low..
Get Ready for the Great British Spring Clean
The Great British Spring Clean is nearly here! The 2nd of March marks the start of the Great British Spring Clean, the nationwide campaign designed to bring people from all over the UK together to declutter and tidy up their local outdoor spaces. What is The Great British Spring Clean? While the initiative is focused around picking up the litter in your area, the overall aim is to change behaviours permanently, highlight the problem of waste and then offer solutions. Although the programme focuses on the outdoors, why not start your clean and declutter at work? Below are a few example..
What is Fairtrade Fortnight? We give you the facts
The choice of morning drink is always difficult; black coffee? English breakfast with two sugars? Earl Grey? Maybe even a healthy Matcha? Well, no matter what your choice every decision above has the chance to help save the world.  While your morning brew doesn’t always feel earth changing, as long as it is showing the Fairtrade symbol, it is! What is Fairtrade Fortnight? Fairtrade Fortnight is the initiative to shine a spotlight on everyone’s attitude to trade, pointing out the simple changes your business could make in order to make a large difference.  In order to properly understand ..
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