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Paper Size Guide

The system is based on three series of sizes all of the same proportion, designated A, B and C.

The A series for stationery and general leaflet printing.

The B series is intended primarily for larger printed items such as posters , wall charts etc.

The C series, in conjunction with some of the B sizes, is used for envelopes.

The above chart illustrates the constant ratio between the long and the short sides of the sub-divisions of an A1 sheet. The constant ratio means that any drawings, artwork, diagrams or typesetting prepared for one size in the series, will be in proportion to any other international paper size (A, B or C) up or down.

The popular stationery sizes are A3 Paper, A4 Paper and A5 Paper.

If you have any questions or need help finding the printer paper you require or about the range of stationery supplies we stock, please contact our customer service team wo would be happy to help.

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